It is imperative that we teach our kids to love one another. Bullying's a very serious issue linked to suicide among young people. Below are a few of many cases of bullycide. Team Cobraman is a mission to ensure no more kids suffer from bullying. HELP US SPREAD AWARENESS.  

Ashawnty was only 10 years old. Watch the video.

13 year old Aaron Fuller attended Lake Elementary School in OhioAaron’s uncle, Joshua Tooley, said his nephew was bullied.  “From what I understand … he was the subject of a lot of bullying. That’s the stem of everything. The bullying got too much for him." SOURCE
10 year old Seven Bridges was the youngest of eight students at Jefferson County Public Schools — Kentucky's largest district — to kill himself this school year and the 11th in the district to die by suicide in two years. SOURCE. 

11 year old  Madissen Foxx Paulsen took her own life using her dad’s gun. Her dad believe anti-gay bullying may have contributed to her death. SOURCE

Classmates had bullied her because she was Hispanic. 11-year-old Anjelita Estrada took her own life. The sixth-grader began attending Doolittle Elementary School in Cheshire, Conn., after moving to the city in September with her mother and stepfather. SOURCE

Rochelle Pryor, 14, is one of a group of Aboriginal girls to kill themselves in two weeks. Rochelle wrote on social media: "Once I’m gone, the bullying and the racism will stop." SOURCE

16 year old Anna Aslanian attended Lowell High School and Daley Middle school.  She wrote that the abuse was relentless, at school, and after school on social media and that she let the bullies’ nasty, degrading, hurtful words get to her. She had tried several diets, but never got the results she wanted. SOURCE
Nicole Mnguni of Vorentoe High School in South Africa,  left a note which details the alleged abuse by the teacher. She also stated she wanted peace and to be with her father. SOURCE
Anjelita Estrada, 11, attended Doolittle Elementary School in Cheshire.  The girl's father, Anthony Estrada, said he believes bullying was a factor in her suicide although he said getting details from his daughter on phone calls was difficult. SOURCE
 Kenneth was overweight and spoke with a speech impediment: two prime targets for bullies at Glasgow High School in Glasgow, Mo. SOURCE

Authorities say 15-year-old Lennon Baldwin, a freshman at Morristown High School, was the victim of an assault at the school, told to lie about it and then robbed in the Century 21 parking lot. SOURCE

9 year old McKenzie Adams told her mom that this one particular child was writing her nasty notes in class. She attended  U.S. Jones elementary school in Demopolis, Alabama. SOURCE

Five boys had been accused of persecutory acts, group sexual violence, underage pornography, possession of pornographic material, defamation, and death as a consequence of other crimes in the suicide of 14 year old Carolina Picchio. SOURCE

The family of an 18-year-old is struggling to pay for his funeral after he took his own life. Right before his suicide, Roger's mother says he told her on the phone that he couldn't take it anymore. SOURCE

Iman Saleh, an 18-year-old student at the Gamal Abdel Nasser Institute of Health Technician in Alexandria, Egypt, committed suicide by throwing herself out of the fourth floor of the institute.  Iman's brother stated she was complaining to her friend about the bullying and pressure she is experiencing at the institute and at home, which was damaging her psychological health. SOURCE

13 year old, Rima Kasai, a student at, Namioka junior high school in Japan killed herself by jumping in front of a train at a station. SOURCE

Trixie Hart, 16, was was the target of "vicious" online attacks from youngsters and their parents, her grandmother claims. SOURCE
12 year old Jessica Scatterson's dad was woken by police in the middle of the night who urged him to go and check on his daughter. The officers had been alerted that Jessica might be in danger after they saw worrying social media posts in which she had written "RIP" on her heel. Jessica attended Penketh High School in the U.K
14-year-old Aisha Wilson from Banting Memorial High School who died by suicide Nov. 9, had been bullied at her school, according to her family, but police said there were several issues that led to her decision. SOURCE.
9-year-old Maddison “Maddie” Whittsett struggled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which appeared to make her a target for her peers, who had taken to calling her “stupid” and “dumb,”. She was found by her mother after she hanged herself in her bedroom closet. Maddison attended  Martha Gaskins Elementary School in Alabama. SOURCE.
15-year-old, Max Bennett, attended Crystal Lake South High School.  The sophomore shot himself in the head. His father said he left a suicide note saying he was being bullied at school and couldn't deal with it anymore. SOURCE.
“When you notice your child wants to change their appearance, or when they want to change the way they look or how they talk, I just knew from there that something was wrong,” said 10 year old Jamari  Davis's mom. Jamari attended Bear Elementary School in AlabamaSOURCE

11-year-old Bethany Thompson's parents said she was bullied at school because of her crooked smile. Bethany attended Triad Middle School. SOURCE

16 year old Sergio Urrego  took his own life in 2014 after administrators of his high school bullied him because he was gay. Sergio attended Urrego’s Roman Catholic high school in Colombia. SOURCE
“Dear Mom and Dad,” Jacobe Taras had written, “I’m sorry but I can not live anymore. I just can’t deal with all the bullies, being called gay … being told to go kill myself. I’m also done with being pushed, punched, tripped.”  Jacobe attended Oliver W. Winch Middle School. SOURCE

Julianna Carraturo she was a victim of relentless bullying for years at Tuckahoe High School. She had fought off the bullies, but she took her own life while she was a freshman in college. SOURCE

Anti-bullying rally and march is being held at Carpenter’s Park in Milton to remember 16 year old Joey McGlone after he took his life due to bullying. Joey attended Milton High School. SOURCE
Natalie Bodnar, a 14-year-old freshman from Catawissa, took her life. Some friends and parents believe Bodnar's suicide was caused by bullying. SOURCE

12 year old, Ashton Potts, was bullied while riding the school bus, at school, and online. "I lost my son because of other kids' words," said Dave Potts, Ashton's father. Ashton attended Northeastern Middle School. SOURCE

It’s understood, Rachel, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, may have suffered bullying at the town’s St John Ogilvie High. SOURCE
Jeffrie Beauchamp, a 7th grader at Jourdanton Junior High, was put up against the wall, and threatened by choking. SOURCE

9 year old Jamel came out as gay. Shortly after he killed himself. Jamel attended Joe Shoemaker Elementary School. SOURCE

12 year old Andy Leach was called worthless and ugly after revealing he was bi-sexual. He attended Southaven Middle School in the UK.. SOURCE

15 year old Allie’s death is the second suicide at Lebanon High School in Wilson County. SOURCE

Two 12 year old's were arrested in connection with 12 year old, Gabrielle, suicide. Cyber-bullying is to blame. SOURCE

Family members of 13-year-old Sarah Ullmann confirmed she passed away after committing suicide. Ullmann went to Rosedale Middle School. Her older sister says bullying pushed Sarah over the edge. SOURCE

14 year old Kodi Pearson suffering from bullying, both online and at school. SOURCE

He attended  St Thomas Moore College in Sunnybank Australia.

15 year old Cassidy's tormentors attacked her on social media, followed her around shops and vandalized the family's home. SOURCE

She attended Wellington Secondary College in Melbourne Australia.

14 year old Amy Everette's father, Tick, invited the bullies responsible for Amy's death to the funeral to witness the full effects of cyber-bullying. SOURCE

She attended boarding school at Scots PGC College in Warwick, Queensland, Australia.

Kyler Alan Lucas, at just 12 years old chose to turn his life over to the Lord to ease his extreme pain from bullying at school. SOURCE
Connor Francis Tronerud, 15, took his own life after struggling with bullying from peers. He attended  Marianapolis Preparatory School.
Parents say their 10-year-old daughter committed suicide over video of a fight with an alleged bully. Ashawnty Davis was only in fifth grade. She attended Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora.
12 year old Kenda's death is still under investigation, but her parents believe bullying might have been a factor. She attended  Holgate Middle School.  SOURCE
The school was aware of  13 year old Rosalie's bullying and she had been in counseling, according to her aunt. She detailed in a journal how she was bullied and named those who were mean to her. She attended  Mesa View Middle School in Yucaipa, California. SOURCE
The death of 15-year-old Simon Dufour, whose sister maintains took his own life after relentless bullying, at Longueuil high school in Quebec, is being investigated.
Alex Moore was a 15-year-old high school student attended Jemison High School in Jemison, Alabama. On morning in mid-May 2010, Alex left her home and walked to an overpass above Interstate-65. She jumped.
Quentin of Glen Hills Middle School left a note, writing that he wanted to die to make the bullying stop.
Fitzpatrick’s son Danny Fitzpatrick, a former Holy Angels Catholic Academy student, hanged himself in the attic of the family’s Staten Island home in August 2016. He left behind a heart-wrenching suicide note in which he detailed being bullied during his time at the school. SOURCE
Lily was the victim of harsh treatment by kids at her Grand County Middle School after she worked to promote tolerance for students of all sexual orientations, and she came out herself as a lesbian. Lily is no longer with us. SOURCE

Louie had been bullied regularly since he arrived at Richard Hale School. He had regular appointments with the counselor and he started self harming.They threw meat at him in the canteen because he was a vegan. SOURCE

Brandon took his own life after bullies called him ‘f**got’ and threatened to rape his mum. SOURCE
He attended  Judgemeadow Community College.

Libby Bell, a Seaford Secondary School student died suddenly after what her family allege was a campaign of cyber bullying and physical abuse from peers at Seaford Secondary School. It is claimed Libby was a victim of a bullying incident at a fast food restaurant last year, which was filmed — one of several alleged incidents. SOURCE
For months, 12-year-old Mallory Grossman received the taunts in text messages, Instagram posts and Snapchats.In the classrooms and hallways of Copeland middle school, the group of sixth grade girls continued to torment her. They would tease Mallory, give her dirty looks and snub her, shooing her away from their lunch table. Mallory responded by taking her life. SOURCE

3 suicides in the space of one year. All three boys attended Northfield school.  Arin’s death in January, which was recorded as suicide at Teesside coroner’s court on Wednesday, came nine months after Harry Gray, 15, was found dead in his home on 6 April last year, and Elton Harland, 13, who tweeted a tribute to Harry, was found dead the next day. Bullycide? Read the article and find out. SOURCE 

Keegan, 11, was described as an “old soul” and a “sensitive” kid who loved to travel, collect fedoras and was a fan of superheroes. Bullies drove him to his death. SOURCE
Keegan attended St. Mark's Catholic School  in Peoria, Illinois
"They would tell Justin to ‘Go kill himself’ and ‘Go shoot yourself in the face’."The 13-year-old had tried to fight back against bullies by doing presentations at his school about transgender education. SOURCE
Madison was subject to verbal abuse at Sherwood Park Education Centre  and through social media. The abuse was much more than her parents thought it was. SOURCE
Parsons's family said Rehtaeh was sexually assaulted by four boys at a November 2011 party, and a photo of the incident was subsequently circulated. She was mocked by classmates at  Cole Harbour District High School and endured relentless harassment and humiliation.  SOURCE
Alyssia's stepfather believes her apparent suicide was a direct result of not only a groping incident, but also bullying that he said she had endured from other classmates – and he intends to pursue legal action against Lamar Consolidated ISD. SOURCE.
She attended  Lamar Consolidated High School in Rosenberg.
The girls father says he wants people to know that his daughter was beautiful and popular but was still a victim of bullying. She hung herself. SOURCE.
She attended  Lewiston Middle School
8-year-old Gabriel Taye  boy took his own life two days after a bully knocked him unconscious at  Carson Elementary School. 
Arin transferred schools to avoid bullying and still ended up dead. SOURCE.
He attended Northfield School in Billingham.

Tharukshan's bullies threw food at him and insulted his skin color, and said they'd be happy if he jumped off a train. SOURCE.

He attended Grotius College, in the city of Heerlen.

Arthur killed himself over trauma of almost being hanged by bullies when he was five. SOURCE
He attended Slade Green primary school in London.

Tyrone was pushed over the edge by his homophobic bullies.


He attended Aspley State High School in Brisbane, Australia.

Cyber bullied teen, Brandy. took her own life in front of her parents. She attended Texas City High School.




These three students, all from the same high school, took their own lives in 2017. Nick Borck, Raistlin Brown and Kayleigh Crawford attended Perry High School in Stark County - and all three were bullied. SOURCE

Jackson Grubb hanged himself after relentless bullying at Sophia Soak Creek Elementary School.

Matthew, an autistic boy, hanged himself after he was bullied at Felixtowe Academy.


According to the mother, there had also been previous incidences of bullying that went unchecked.  Paul complained that some of the kids he went to school with were mean. Shortly after, he was gone. SOURCE
Paul attended Mad River Middle School.
Friends say people were always messing with Taquairius which led the 11 year old to take his own life.
He attended Whittier Elementary in Toledo.
14 year old Raunak left a note stating he couldn't take it anymore. SOURCE.
He attended Baldwin Boys' High School.

Shania left a note "I am just tired of being bullied", and then she killed herself. SOURCE

She attended William Penn Senior High School in Pennsylvania.

15-year-old Ciara Pugsley went to St Clare’s Comprehensive in Manor hamilton as normal. But that evening, without any warning, she took her own life. After desperately searching for answers, the family discovered that Ciara was being cyber bullied via the website. SOURCE
Dagmara Przybysz was found dead at her Pool Academy in Pool, Redruth, Cornwall. She  had complained about racist bullying on a website linked to young suicides after moving to Cornwall with her family. SOURCE
Destiny Gleason, 14, hanged herself on Wednesday from a pull-up bar in her bedroom after what her parents describe as relentless bullying culminated in a fight at Black Hawk Middle School. SOURCE
14-year-old Déjah Jones, a freshman at Woodside High School, took her own life. Her family says it’s because she was bullied at school. SOURCE

Coleton was a student at Bynum High School with a full future ahead of him but one thing was holding him back – bullying. SOURCE

Payton's family believes the effects of the concussion, combined with the bullying, drove Payton to harm herself. SOURCE

She attended Prince William County high school.

Cassandra took her own life after being the victim of cyber-bullying.


She attended West Side High School in Dayton.

Deon Gillen, 18, took his life after his family says he was a victim of persistent bullying at school. SOURCE.
He attended Sleeping Giant Middle School.

Sydney Zaban took her life in January 2016 after struggling with bullies at East Lansing High School.


David Molak took his own life after being bullied has posted an anti-bullying public service announcement on Facebook.


The bully texted one of Sherokee’s friends laughing and saying, “I’ve apparently pissed a girl off so bad I made her commit suicide.”


She attended La Vergne High School.

16-year-old Kennedy LeRoy committed suicide because he was bullied at his Chino Hills high school.


Jonathan suffered through devastating bullying at school, including in the football locker room at Edgar High School.


14 year old Carla's mother said she cannot recall a time when her daughter was not picked on by her classmates, from kindergarten to middle school, especially Southwest Valley’s Canarelli Middle School. Carla committed suicide in the downstairs bathroom of the home.


 "It's bullying that killed me," reads 14-year-old Angel Green's suicide note to her mother. "Please get justice."


13 year old April hanged herself in the bedroom.


She attended Carmichael Middle School in Richland Washington.

12 year old Daniel hanged himself in a closet with a necktie. His mother was involved with his death.


He attended Washington Middle School.

Unable to cope with his bully, 16 year old Kasey shot himself in the head.


13 year old Jared became utterly depressed and took his own life as a result of bullying at  McLoughlin Middle School.


Laura (13) took an overdose of medication.


She attended Cefn Saeson School in Neath.

Josh (15) hanged himself after ruthless bullying.


Adam Kizer, a 16-year-old sophomore at Sonoma Valley High School hanged himself and did not respond to life-saving efforts.


Daniel's bully urged him to kill himself. That's exactly what Daniel did.


He attended Thousand Islands Central School.

A photo Amber Rose Caudel, 12, posted to Facebook of herself. She died Thursday after taking her own life, family members say.


She attended Washington State middle school.

Oxford middle school teen complained of bullying.


Audrie Pott, a 15-year-old student committed suicide by hanging on September 12, 2012. She had been sexually assaulted by three teenage boys at a party eight days earlier and pictures of the assault were posted online with accompanying bullying.


Cameron Langrell, 15, was almost finished with his freshman year at Horlick High School, but the artistic student ended his life last week, just days after he officially announced online that he was transgender.


Sixteen-year-old Taylor Alesana was a transgender high school girl who loved makeup, movies, and blogging on YouTube. Sadly, bullying drove her to take her own life.


Raymond McKinney died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. He was bullied almost every day at school McKinney Boyd High School by a group of boys.


Ronin Shimizu killed himself after he was bullied for being a cheerleader at Folsom Middle School.


Hannah Smith was 14 when she took her own life. Her father David blamed her death on internet trolls who bullied her.


Early on a September morning in the small Florida city of Lakeland last fall, Rebecca Sedwick woke up and started texting on her cell phone. "I'm jumping," she wrote to a friend in another state. "I can't take it anymore."


She attended Lawton Chiles Middle Academy.

Josh Unsworth was found hanged behind his home. He was the victim of internet bullies.


Erin Gallagher committed suicide after being cyber bullied about her looks and her weight on social networking sites.


Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old from Port Coquitlam, B.C., committed suicide after posting a video on YouTube saying she had been blackmailed by an online predator after exposing her breasts on a webcam.


Morgan committed suicide due to school bullying.


Patrick Griffin was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.


He attended Copper Basin High School.

13-year-old Jazmine Kellie Harris, an eighth grader at Copper Basin High School, took her life after ongoing bullying.


Several posts on social media suggested that 13-year-old Emilie Olsen had been racially bullied.


A 14-year-old girl, named online as Sarah Clerkson, died in hospital after she was found hanging at a house party.


She attended

Jadin Bell, a 15-year-old gay youth, was allegedly "intensely bullied both in person and on the internet because he was gay".


He attended La Grande High School

Tyler Clementi's death brought national and international attention to the issue of cyberbullying and the struggles facing LGBT youth.


Ryan Patrick Halligan committed suicide at the age of 13 after allegedly being bullied by his classmates in real life and cyber-bullying online.


Halligan attended Hiawatha Elementary School and, later, Albert D. Lawton Middle School.

Megan Meier died of suicide by hanging three weeks before her fourteenth birthday. A year later, Meier's parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyber-bullying through the social network website MySpace.


Rehtaeh Parsons death has been attributed to online distribution of photos of an alleged gang rape that occurred 17 months prior to her suicide, in November 2011.


Phoebe Prince committed suicide due to school bullying and cyberbullying,


She attended South Hadley High School.

Nicola Ann Raphael committed suicide due to bullying, overdose off Copoxamol. Information requested for later legal action found that the bullying allegations went back over three years.


She attended Lenzie Academy.

Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide, allegedly as a result of constant bullying.


Kenneth Weishuhn was allegedly bullied in person, death threats were sent to his mobile phone, and he was the subject of a Facebook hate group.


He attended South O'Brien High School.

Dawn Marie Wesley was a student who committed suicide after allegedly experiencing a cycle of bullying by  psychological abuse and verbal threats from three female bullies at her high school.


Bart Palosz, 15, committed suicide in August 2013 after the first day of his sophomore year at Greenwich High School.


The bullies called Jeffery ugly and fat. That night Jeffery kissed his mother good night then hanged himself.


He attended Trafalgar. Middle School.

Kelly Yeomans became widespread news when the cause was blamed on bullying to which she had been subjected by other local children. She was reported to be the victim of repeated harassment and taunting particularly about her weight.


She attended Merrill Academy.

Jamie Hubley was subjected to anti-gay bullying. Hubley's death was the impetus for the Accepting Schools Act, 2012.


He attended Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Ottawa and  A.Y. Jackson Secondary School in North York.

12 year old Evan Ziemniak, committed suicide in March 2016 by hanging himself, after ongoing incidents of bullying at his school. SOURCE
He attended  West Allegheny Middle School
Jessica Cleland was an outgoing happy eighteen year old Australian girl who was excited about her up-and-coming transition from high school to college. In 2014, for reasons unknown, two of her closest friends began an online attack on her, smearing her Facebook wall and other social media accounts with abuse and hate. SOURCE
In 2015, an online gang tricked 17 year old Northern Irish Ronan Hughes into sending them intimate photos of himself, they attempted to blackmail him into sending them thousands of pounds to prevent them posting the photos to his Facebook account. SOURCE
Emmet Fralick, a popular and outgoing student, shot himself while in his bedroom leaving a suicide note saying he loved his parents but he could not continue to take the bullying. SOURCE
He attended  St. Agnes Junior High School in Halifax.
Notre Dame Secondary School student, he's Greg Doucette, took his life in 2002. A teacher at the school and has first-hand knowledge of how bullying played a part in the young man’s death. In his full school uniform, the teen hung himself in the laundry room of his Brampton home. SOURCE

As you come to learn, bullycide is not just a teenage problem. From 1999 to 2016, 1,430 children ages 5 to 12 took their own lives in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are 121 such deaths on record for 2016, up from 102 the year before.

These data don't account for nonfatal suicide attempts, but other research has seen a rise in that, too: The percentage of younger children and teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or attempts in the United States "almost doubled" between 2008 and 2015, according to a study published June in the journal Pediatrics. That study also found a seasonal pattern, with rates being lowest in the summer and highest in the spring and fall -- around the time when school is in session. It is imperative that we teach children to value life and love one another.  Attention Texans: "David's Law" provides pro bono legal advocacy for targets of bullying and their families.

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